Students looking for apartments near CSU might want to refine their search to “pet-friendly apartments near CSU,” in which case, you might stumble upon Stone Creek! Located right across the street from CSU, we are a perfect option for students who are considering getting a pet if they don’t already have one. Pets are great for companionship and helping you become responsible, which is one of the reasons why students love taking care of their four-legged friends! In today’s blog, we’re going over a couple of ways that pets can benefit college students, as well as a few things to consider before bringing home a new buddy. Keep reading to learn more!

Reasons To Choose A Pet-Friendly Apartment Even If You Don’t Have A Pet

If you grew up with pets or even if you never had a pet but always wanted one, then choosing to live in a pet-friendly apartment is key. You can face fines and lose your security deposit if you bring a pet into an apartment that doesn’t allow them, so making sure you’re above board will get you and your new friend off to a good start! Below, we’re going to discuss some ways college students can benefit from bringing a furry friend into their lives.

Dogs Are A Great Way To Meet New People

Making friends in college can be difficult, especially when you find yourself out of the dorms and wondering where everyone you used to see every day went. Even if you have a roommate you are close with, it’s always nice to have a good support group, and dogs (or a cat if you manage to get it outside on a leash) are perfect for helping start conversations with new people. You might just meet your new best friend at the dog park or walking your furry friend around the complex.

They Are Good For Emotional Comfort

With all the stress of homework and deadlines, it’s nice to have a pet that is always happy to see you come home. Nothing feels better than burying your face into the soft coat of your furry friend or having them lay their head on you while you sleep. Dogs and cats (though the latter doesn’t always show it) have an unconditional love for their owners and can recognize when they are in need of some major cheering up.

Pets Help Keep You Active

It can be tempting to stay in bed all day when you don’t have class, but your pet won’t let you. A cat will paw at your face until you wake up, and a dog will whine until you take him outside to go potty. What might have been a day spent laying around is now a day out and about walking the dog.

What To Consider Before Getting A Pet

Of course, even though dogs and cats offer a lot of benefits, not everyone should become the proud owner of a furry friend. Below are some things to consider before bringing home an animal.

  • Can you afford it? Consider the monthly costs of food, as well as vet visits, the cost of a spay or neuter, and if you have the resources to shell out money if there is an emergency. Pets can become expensive, and ensuring you don’t have to choose between rent and food or your pet is essential to a good experience.
  • Do you have the time? Cats are great for busy people because they require a little less attention than dogs, but that doesn’t mean you can completely ignore them. You will still need to dedicate time to playing with them and cleaning their litter box. Dogs do best with consistent companionship. Before bringing home a dog, make sure that between you and your roommate the dog won’t be alone for long stretches of the day and that someone will be able to take him for a walk 2-3 times per day.
  • Do you have the space? Some dogs do better in apartments than others. For example, small dogs like Chihuahuas and small terriers do well in apartments, as well as large, lazy dogs like Saint Bernards and Great Danes. However, active dogs that need space to run around like Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Weimaraners do not typically do well in an apartment. Be sure to do your research about which dog breed will be best for you, and ensure that they are not on the breed restriction list that most apartment complexes have in place.
  • Who will take care of the pet during breaks? College students, especially those from out of state, may leave the apartment for weeks or even months at a time during winter and summer break. Make sure that if you get a pet that you will be able to make arrangements for its care if you have to leave the apartment.

Other Pet Options

We’ve been talking a lot about dogs and cats as those are some of the most common student pet requests we get at our apartments near CSU. But those aren’t the only companions that can keep you company! For those looking for a pet that’s a little more low maintenance, never underestimate the power of a goldfish from Walmart! Other pet options include reptiles like bearded dragons and ball pythons which are generally happy to be handled but do well just hanging out in a tank, or hamsters, which just need a clean cage and somewhere to exercise.

Choose Our Pet-Friendly Apartments In Fort Collins

Whether you already own a pet or are considering getting one for companionship, be sure that your apartment complex allows pets. At Stone Creek Apartment Homes, we don’t have any height or weight restrictions, though we do have a few breed restrictions. If you have any questions about keeping a pet during your time at Stone Creek, feel free to contact our front office and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are a student or non-student looking for pet-friendly apartments near CSU, then give us a call to check our availability!