Here at Stone Creek, we have a lot of residents moving into our apartment complex because we welcome your furry friends to our units. Of course, moving with a pet is no easy feat. Whether you have a cat or a dog (or some other wonderful pet), moving can be slightly traumatic. Animals become accustomed to their spaces and when that space is taken away, they can become confused, scared, and even start acting out.

When your pet acts out, they might destroy furniture or have accidents in their new home. This can create a bad start to your new adventure and it is a good idea to try and plan ahead to make the move as easy as possible. At our pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, we want you and your furry friend to experience all of the amazing benefits of living at Stone Creek without the stress of moving. To help make the move easier with your pet, we’ve listed just a few tips for a smooth transition.

Tips For Moving Into A New Apartment With A Pet

Create A Pet-Friendly Environment

When you move into a new space, everything you own might be scattered around your home for a few weeks while you get unpacked. Make sure that nothing is out which can hurt your furry friend. This includes chemicals and cleaning supplies, sharp objects, tall towers of boxes, and food that they shouldn’t eat.

Unpack Your Pet’s Items First

Moving can be tough on a pet, especially if they’ve been cooped up in an airplane or living in a car for days during the move. As soon as you can, set up your pet’s items in a secluded location of the apartment. This provides them with some comfort and creates a more familiar environment.

Give Your Pet Lots Of Love

While it can be tempting to lock your pet in their crate while you continue unpacking, make sure you don’t neglect your furry friend during this stressful time. They won’t understand that you are simply busy and might start to think that their time in this new home is going to be spent locked in a crate. Give them lots of love and affection during the first few days so they know that this new environment is a happy one.

Stay Home As Much As Possible

You are your pet’s best friend (yep, the cat loves you even if it doesn’t always show it). Even though you will want to go out and explore if you have just moved to Fort Collins, try to spend as much time as possible at home with your pet. This will remind them that just because they are in a new environment, they still have you to play with and love on.

Find A Local Vet

If you’re just moving across town, then you will likely stay with your current veterinarian. However, if you have moved from another city or state to our pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, you will want to find a new veterinarian right away. Set up a check-up appointment for your cat or dog to ensure nothing negative happened to them during the move in addition to using the checkup as an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the vet and make sure they are a good fit.

Be Patient

Your four-legged friend is going through a big transition and it can take some time for them to get into the swing of things. Be patient and follow their normal routine to keep things as normal as possible.

Choose A Pet-Friendly Apartment

Stone Creek is happy to be a pet-friendly apartment in Fort Collins. However, not all apartments welcome dogs and cats to their property! Before you sign a lease, make sure that a) the apartment you are choosing to live in has a pet-friendly policy and b) you let the administrative staff know that you are bringing a pet. Some apartments have breed restrictions, weight limits, and more, so make sure you are choosing the right place to live with your furry friend.

If you’re looking for an amazing place to move in Fort Collins with your new pet, consider Stone Creek. We have spacious floor plans that pets will love as well as plenty of green space so your pup can stretch their legs and get some exercise.