As your pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, we spend a lot of time talking about dogs. So much so, that we occasionally ignore another popular furry friend: cats. Well, cat lovers, today is your lucky day! We are dedicating the entirety of today’s blog to talking about cats and how to have the best apartment experience while living with a feline friend.

Tips For Living In An Apartment With A Cat

Create Vertical Spaces

Cats love to perch in high places so they can see what’s going on. If you happen to be renting one of our one-bedroom apartments with a loft, your cat will be in kitty paradise. However, for those without a lofted apartment, make sure you have a tall cat tree where your kitty can climb, play, and scratch.

Speaking Of Scratching…

Cats love (and need) to scratch. But you don’t want them scratching up the carpet as this could affect your security deposit. Give your cat plenty of scratching pads that are both vertical and horizontal so they have different options. Try putting catnip on the scratching pads to attract them to it.

Keep Them Entertained

While cats spend most of the day snoozing, they also need to play and get out some energy. Using a laser pointer or a wand toy will give them something to chase around. If you spend a lot of the day away at work or school, you can also invest in an electronic toy like this one that will keep them entertained while you’re away.

Get Your Cat Microchipped

Most apartment cats are exclusively indoor cats and do not wear collars. That said, cats are master escape artists and can easily bolt out of the door while you’re bringing in the groceries or leaving for work. We suggest getting your cat microchipped so a shelter can get in touch with you if your cat is found.

Keep Their Shots Up To Date

It is also important for your cat to have regular vet visits. Not only is this good to ensure they don’t have any underlying issues, but it is also an opportunity to make sure their shots and vaccines are up to date. The last thing you want is for your cat to get out (see the above tip) and contract a preventable disease.

Meet Other Cat Owners

As your pet-friendly apartments, it is likely that some of your close neighbors have cats as well. It is a good idea to befriend these neighbors. If you have to go out of town for a few days, you can ask your cat-wise neighbor to come over and play with your cat, feed them, and even scoop the box. Most cat owners are happy to do this and you can return the favor for them if needed.

Beware The Smell

While most dog owners take their pups outside to potty, cats traditionally use litter boxes. In an apartment with an open floor plan, that can lead to the entire place smelling of litter very quickly. Thankfully, we’ve got some tips to help.

  • Scoop Every Day – First, make sure to keep the litter box clean. Skipping days between scooping can make the apartment smell like more than just litter, if you catch our drift. Make it a habit to scoop the box first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. For even better results, scoop twice a day.
  • Use A Covered Litter Box – Using a covered litter box will help contain any smells and give your cat a little privacy. While most cats adjust to covered litter boxes well, keep in mind that some cats find these spaces too cramped and will not want to use them.
  • Use A Litter Genie – A long time ago, parents became fed up with their home smelling like dirty diapers, but they had to throw their baby’s diapers away somewhere. That’s when the Diaper Genie came into existence. A trash can system that would allow parents to seal away dirty diapers into a trash can, eliminating the smell. Well, there’s also now a Litter Genie, a system that allows you to scoop and dump litter as often as you want without wasting trash bags or dealing with a bad smell. It’s just a way to turn your pet-friendly apartment into a nose-friendly apartment.
  • Keep The Litter Box Tucked Away – You might be wondering where in an apartment there is to store a litter box that still gives the cat access but keeps it relatively contained. If you won’t be bringing a washer and dryer to your apartment, we would suggest placing the litter box in your washer/dryer closet and leaving the door cracked so your cat can access it freely. Just make sure any cables, cords, or vents in the closet are not accessible to your cat for safety reasons.
  • Use A Scentless Litter – While scented litter masks the smell of your cat’s waste, it still smells distinctly like litter. If you want to avoid the litter smell, use a scentless litter and make sure to scoop regularly, as we discussed.

Move Into Our Pet-Friendly Apartments!

If you’ve been looking for pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, we’ve got you covered. Just give us a call to inquire about our available units and let us know what your cat situation is. If you have any questions about moving into our apartments with a cat or adopting a cat as a current tenant, give us a call or visit our main office today.