Recently, we wrote a blog all about apartment-friendly houseplants that are incredibly easy to grow. If you read our last blog, you’ll know that we have also recently written about our pet-friendly apartments and how to keep a cat happy in one.

In today’s blog, we’re combining those two topics! Many houseplants, while hardy and easy to grow indoors, are actually poisonous to dogs or cats. That means that if you are keeping a furry pet at our apartments in Fort Collins, you’ll want to be especially careful about which plants you bring into the home. Below, we’ll be discussing some pet-safe plants as well as some plants to keep out of the apartment if you have pets. Before bringing a plant into your home, we suggest speaking with your veterinarian or checking the latest information about toxic and non-toxic plants on the ASPCA website or another reliable source.

Pet-Safe Plants

Boston Fern

If you purchase a Boston fern, make sure to get it from a reputable nursery. Some similar-looking “ferns” are actually part of the lily family and are highly toxic to animals, so be sure you are getting the correct plant. Boston ferns love humidity, so this is a great option to keep in the bathroom.

Spider Plant

Cats love spider plants, mostly because of the dangly leaves which they can bat around. Luckily, cats and dogs can play with this non-toxic plant all day if they want!

Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-iron plants are incredibly hardy and do great indoors with indirect light. Best of all, they are a pet-safe option for your cats and dogs!

Friendship Plant

Friendship plants are identifiable by their bumpy leaves, making them completely unique-looking compared to other houseplants. This plant is named because you can literally divide it and share it with friends by cutting off and propagating the stems. It is also safe for your furry friends!

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants get their name because the leaves fold upwards at night, making them look like praying hands. And if you get this plant for your pet-friendly apartment, your prayers will be answered knowing that it is considered pet-safe!


It likely comes as no surprise that this easy-to-grow herb that can actually have a calming effect on cats and dogs alike, even though we imagine catnip making our feline friends go wild.

Toxic Houseplants

Snake Plant

While snake plants are super easy to grow indoors, they are toxic to both dogs and cats, so we would not suggest this plant if you have any pets in your apartment.


Lilies, while beautiful, are highly toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure. However, they are thought to be safe for dogs to be around if you have a canine friend at our pet-friendly apartments.


Many cacti are toxic to cats and dogs. Additionally, the spikes can cause harm if they come in contact with your pet’s skin or if ingested. It is best to keep cacti and other succulents out of the apartment unless you are certain they are safe for your pets.

Devil’s Ivy/Pothos

Devil’s ivy makes a great hanging houseplant and can add a lot of flare to your apartment. But it is unfortunately toxic to dogs and cats and should not be in your apartment if you have a furry friend.


This is an absolutely beautiful indoor plant to keep if you don’t have pets. However, the beautiful pink and green leaves are toxic to cats and dogs so you might want to skip this one if you’re utilizing the pet-friendliness of our pet-friendly apartments.  

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

When you have a cat or dog at our pet-friendly apartments, we want to ensure they are safe and happy during your time here. Make sure to not accidentally introduce any harmful plants to the apartment.

If your cat or dog does come into contact with or ingests a plant and begins to exhibit signs such as lethargy, nausea, vomiting, seizures, fever, or diarrhea, makes sure to call your vet immediately.

Choose Stone Creek As Your Pet-Friendly Apartments

When you move into an apartment, you want to ensure you can take your beloved pet with you. At Stone Creek, we allow up to two animals per unit upon approval. While we don’t have any height or weight restrictions like some other apartment complexes in Fort Collins, we do have a few dog breed restrictions you should be aware of. You can find a list of those on our amenities page.

We would love to welcome you and your pets to our apartment complex! If you are interested in bringing a pet into your current apartment unit or you are on the hunt for cat or dog-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, feel free to reach out to us! We’d be happy to answer your questions, show you available units, and provide the information you need.