Here at our pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins, we know how much you care about your furry friends — that’s why we allow them in our apartments after all! Your dog has likely spent time this summer playing with other dogs at the dog park or running around the neighborhood with you. Now that winter is here, you and your dog will be spending less time outside. While you can still get exercise in our apartment’s fitness center, your dog’s needs will change this winter. In today’s blog, we’ll be offering up some ways to keep your dog happy and healthy throughout our cold Colorado winter.

Make Accommodations If You Will Be Out Of Town

If you are a student living in our apartments near CSU, you might be traveling to visit family this holiday season. If you are, make sure you make accommodations for your pets. Cats are typically solitary creatures to begin with and will likely be okay if you have a friend come over every day or twice a day to check on them and play with them. Cats tend to find new places to do their business if their litter box is full, so make sure your friend scoops their box to avoid damaging the carpet or your furniture.

Dogs should not be left alone in an apartment for a full day, let alone for multiple days in a row. Our pet-friendly apartments are a short drive away from some great pet hotels where your dog can have plenty of human contact as well as run and play with other dogs. This is a surefire way to make sure your dog isn’t getting up to no good in your apartment while also making sure they are happy and well taken care of.

Take Your Dog To A Doggy Daycare

Just like kids can feel cooped up during the cold winter, so can dogs. Even if you are still taking them outside for walks and potty breaks, it is likely a major downgrade from days spent at all of the dog parks around our Fort Collins apartments. Dropping your dog off at a doggy daycare a few times a week before you head to work or school can help them get plenty of exercise and allow them to continue to socialize with other dogs in town.

Protect Their Feet

Ice melting salts can irritate your dog’s paws and can upset their stomach if they lick their sore paws after a walk around our apartment complex. Additionally, while the pads of your dog’s feet are tougher than humans’, they can still succumb to frostbite and burns from the snow. You might consider investing in a pair of puppy boots for your dog this winter. Not only will this protect their feet, but it will prevent them from running around your apartment with dirty paws.

Take Them For A Vet Checkup

Older dogs are especially susceptible to health problems related to the cold. For example, a dog that has arthritis might be in more pain during the cold weather, and dogs with certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or kidney disease can have trouble regulating their body temperature. Just like humans, dogs can also slip and hurt themselves on ice. If you have an older dog, are concerned that they have ingested ice melts, or otherwise notice your pup is not feeling well this winter, take them in for a checkup at the vet’s. Because dogs use more energy to stay warm during the winter, you might also find them losing weight. Talk to your vet about your dog’s dietary needs this winter.

Choose Pet-Friendly Apartments In Fort Collins

Of course, the best way to make sure you and your dog are happy this winter is by living in dog-friendly apartments in Fort Collins. While we do have a few breed restrictions as is common in the area, we do not have any height or weight restrictions for dogs and you can have up to two pets in your apartment with approval from our staff. Thanks to our spacious floor plans, you and your pets will have plenty of room to move around in your apartment this winter in addition to all of the great dog-friendly amenities offered in Fort Collins. If you are looking for a place for you and your furry friend, be sure to check out our pet-friendly apartments and inquire about available units!