Having a four-legged friend to come home to is something else. Being able to build a close bond with your dog is inevitable, but at times they can become so dependent on your company that they begin to experience anxiety when you leave the house. This is known as separation anxiety, and it’s extremely common in pets that are accustomed to having their owner at home with them or pets who are really only exposed to their owners.

While separation anxiety isn’t extremely rare, dogs are likely to act out when they struggle with separation anxiety. This could be in the form of whining until their owner returns, having accidents when they usually wouldn’t, or getting into things and destroying them. In an apartment that you are leasing, this is definitely not an ideal scenario.

Here at Stone Creek Apartment Houses, we are pet-friendly and understand that you and your pup might be best buds and that separation anxiety might be a part of the mix. That being said, we definitely don’t want you to experience any of the issues that we mentioned above as they could result in complaints from your neighbors or additional costs due to damage. So we are going to dedicate today’s blog to a few of the things you can do to manage a pet with separation anxiety while living in an apartment.

Don’t Stay Away for Too Long

One of the best things that you can do is ensure that your schedule doesn’t leave your pet alone for too long. While you can’t avoid things like work and school, take your pet’s discomfort into consideration when you build your schedule.

Kennel Training

If your pet is acting out while you are gone, then a kennel is definitely something that you should add to the picture. Not only will this keep them from damaging any of your belongings, but it will drastically reduce the chances of them having accidents while you’re gone. Aside from that, kennels can become a safe haven for dogs when they are feeling anxious or scared.

Comfort Items

Though it may sound surprising, leaving items that remind your pet of you is a great way to calm them down when you go. If you have a shirt that smells like you, leave it in a kennel with them so that they can calm down and get some comfort from your scent.

Consider Doggy Daycare

If you continue to struggle with your pet acting out while you are away, doggy daycare is an option that you can definitely take into consideration. There are quite a few locations throughout Fort Collins that will take care of your dog throughout the day, ensuring that they aren’t home alone anxiously awaiting your return. A significant benefit to this is that they are also given the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and humans, which in turn can reduce their separation anxiety.

Move Into Stone Creek Apartments

We are all for living with your furry friend here at Stone Creek Apartments. Now that you know how to curb your pet’s separation anxiety, reach out to our team and learn more about the available floor plans and amenities we offer at our pet-friendly apartment complex. Contact us today for any questions or to get started on your lease!