Many people choose Stone Creek Apartment Homes in Fort Collins because we are one of the apartments in town that allows pets. Your furry friends deserve to call Stone Creek “home” just as much as you do! Whether you own a cat or a dog, it probably comes as no surprise to you that cats do very well in apartments, and dogs and apartments are a little more hit-or-miss. But that doesn’t have to be the case! In today’s blog, we are offering up eight ways to ensure your dog is as happy as a clam at our pet-friendly apartments!

First, let’s talk about a common misconception. Many people believe that there are “apartment dogs” and “non-apartment dogs.” While it is true that some dogs require less exercise and less space, meaning they will be fine without a yard to run around in, it doesn’t mean that active, large dogs can’t fare well in an apartment. It also doesn’t mean that you can get away with never exercising or playing with your small, so-called “apartment dog.”

While some pet-friendly apartments in Fort Collins have size and weight restrictions for pets, we do not. However, we do have a few breed restrictions, so be sure to check those out before bringing your furbaby home to Stone Creek. In the meantime, keep reading to learn a few ways to ensure your pup is happy and healthy while living with you at Stone Creek!

Eight Ways To Ensure Your Dog Is Happy In An Apartment

  1. Give Them Plenty Of Exercise And Play Time: Small dogs might be able to get enough exercise just by playing fetch in the living room, but big pups will need more space to run around. You can take them for a walk or jog through any of our scenic areas on the complex, or for some off-leash fun and socializing, you can take them to a nearby dog park. Some of the top dog parks in town include the Spring Canyon Dog Park at the west end of Horsetooth and the new Twin Silo Dog Park located off of Lady Moon Drive. Giving your dog some good exercise a couple times a day can prevent them from going stir-crazy in the apartment.
  2. Hire A Dog Walker Or Try A Doggy Day Care: If you work long hours and cannot get home during the day to take your pup for a walk or out for a potty break, consider hiring a dog walker to come pick up Fido for a little afternoon fun. Or, for even more exercise and socializing, try a local doggy daycare!
  3. Consider A Balcony Potty Or A Pee-Pee Pad While Potty Training: If you live in a house with a backyard, it is easy to quickly move your new puppy outside when she starts to sniff and you know there’s going to be an accident soon. If you live on, say, the third floor of an apartment, this is a little trickier — especially considering you’ll need to leash her up before you head outside. Consider creating or buying a balcony potty area or using pee-pee pads to avoid accidents while your new pup is in training.
  4. Request A First-Floor Apartment: Of course, another way to avoid the problem of how to get a puppy that has to go right now down the stairs before they have an accident is to request a first-floor apartment when you move into our apartments. While this might not always be available, we will certainly take your preferences into consideration when assigning a unit.
  5. Keep Your Pup Up-To-Date On Shots: As a popular apartment complex, we have other dogs living on the premises as well as children, so ensuring that your doggo is up to date on all of his shots is important to not only keeping him healthy, but also ensuring the health of other dogs and people on the property. And, of course, always use a leash where required.
  6. Pick Up After Your Dog: No one likes seeing someone else’s dog’s waste on the ground, so be kind and courteous to your neighbors and pick up after your pup.
  7. Consider An Apartment-Sized Breed: If you already own a big Labrador or an Australian Shepherd, of course, this doesn’t apply. But if you are considering becoming a proud new dog-mom or dog-dad, do consider choosing a smaller apartment-friendly breed. However, if you love the idea of a big fluffball to share your space with, Saint Bernards, Great Danes, and Greyhounds (fittingly nicknamed the 40 MPH Couch Potatoes of the dog world) are, surprisingly, considered great apartment companions.
  8. Tell Us About Your Pup: This might be the best way to keep your pup happy in an apartment. Just make sure to let us know when you apply if you are needing to bring your dog with you, or if you are thinking about getting a dog. While we are a pet-friendly apartment complex, we do need to approve all pets before they move in.

Stone Creek Is Your Pet-Friendly Apartment Complex!

We know how close people are with their pets, so we make sure to accommodate your cats and dogs at Stone Creek. Our one- and two-bedroom apartments are laid out spaciously so your furry-friend has plenty of room to roam, and our premises are a dog’s dream with plenty of grassy areas to walk around on. Get in touch today to learn about our availability or if you have any questions about keeping your furry friend at Stone Creek.