When living in a town like Fort Collins, you can throw a stone and hit someone looking for a roommate (though, this would make a horrible first impression and we don’t recommend it). However, you shouldn’t sign a lease with the first person who offers to be your new roommate. In today’s blog, Stone Creek Apartments in Fort Collins, CO are offering up some advice on what to consider before signing a lease with someone. Following the guidelines below can help you and your new roommate live in harmony for the duration of your lease, making your apartment experience the best possible. Keep reading to learn more about choosing the right roommate!

Choose Someone Who Can Pay Rent (And Other Bills)

This is probably the most important thing to look for in a roommate. If your roommate cannot afford their half of the rent, you’ll be out of luck when the rent is due. This doesn’t mean you have to live with a doctor or an engineer, but it is important to ensure that you won’t be responsible for the entire month’s rent, as well as other monthly expenses like utilities, electricity, and food.

Make Sure They Lead A Similar Lifestyle

You and your roommate don’t need to be twins, but if one of your likes to party in Old Town and then bring a group of friends over to continue the festivities and the other likes to sit in their room and read, the match likely won’t work out. Find out their feelings about loud music, overnight guests, food sharing, and what a typical weekday and weekend looks like for them. Look for someone who likes to do the same things you do.

Consider Your Schedules

Let’s say your roommate goes to sleep at 9:00 pm every night so they can be up at 6 am for work. That likely won’t work well if you stay up until three or four in the morning and go to work at noon. If you do have different schedules, it can definitely work, just make sure that both parties are respectful when the other is trying to sleep, especially if you or your roommate are the type to make a lot of noise while getting ready for the day.

Discuss Your Feelings About Pets

Even if neither you nor your potential roommate has a pet, that doesn’t mean they won’t get “dog fever” soon and bring home a slobbery, furry, four-legged friend from the shelter. Discuss the possibility of a pet with your future roommate before signing the lease, especially if you have allergies that make certain pets off-limits. (As a side note, we are a pet-friendly apartment complex — just be sure to understand our pet policy before bringing home a new buddy.)

Line Up Your Cleanliness Ideals

If you don’t mind a bit of clutter but your roommate is a neat freak, it will leave them feeling like you’re not pulling your weight when it comes to household chores. If you think the house should be swept, vacuumed, and disinfected every day, find someone who feels the same way. If you only like to clean when your parents are coming into town, that’s fine too, just make sure your roommate feels the same.

Decide If You Want A Roommate Or A Friend

If you want to become best friends with your new roommate, make sure to spend time with them before signing the lease and ensure you share similar interests. If you like spending Saturdays playing video games, find someone else who does, too. If you prefer to go hiking and camping on the weekends, be sure your new roommate will join you. If someone meets all of the criteria above but hates the things you enjoy, you might end up with more of a business-only roommate and not a lifelong friend.

Live In Our Spacious Fort Collins Apartments!

At Stone Creek Apartments, we offer spacious, well-designed floor plans so you and your roommate both feel like you have the space you need for a price you want. Of course, if the roommate life isn’t for you, we also offer beautiful one-bedroom apartments with everything you need to live that luxury lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Get in touch today to learn about our available apartments for rent!