Whether you are new to Fort Collins or have lived here your entire life, it doesn’t hurt to have a little knowledge about what makes our city so unique. Fort Collins has a lot to offer, and it’s hard to quantify all that comes along with such a bustling and lively town. Nonetheless, we’ll try!

In today’s blog, your Fort Collins apartments will be giving you some valuable numbers to help give you an idea of what life in Fort Collins is like. If you’re planning on moving to or within the city, make sure to get in touch with Stone Creek Apartment Homes and inquire about our available units. We have 1 bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom apartments for rent — hey, look, we’re already talking about numbers!

Now, keep reading to get some insight on important numbers that define Fort Collins!

Fort Collins In Numbers

Population: 165,000+ As of 2017

Fort Collins’ population is growing steadily. But with growth comes more jobs in the area and more housing options. While Fort Collins roads can be busy at times, there’s always something new to do or see in our growing town.

Average Age Of Fort Collins Residents: 29

Fort Collins has a surprisingly young median age. As young students attend Colorado State University and stay in the area, it pushes the median age down well below the national average of about 38 years old. However, Fort Collins is made up of all sorts of people from young college students to retirees. This dynamic makes Fort Collins a great place to find employment, raise a family, or settle down.

Number Of CSU Students: About 33,900

Speaking of Colorado State University, roughly 34 thousand students attend the school. Because we offer apartments near CSU, we house a large number of students at our apartment complex! Though we aren’t exclusively student apartments, we love welcoming college students to our premises and provide a number of amenities you’ll love!

Median Home Value: $382,500

Fort Collins home prices have skyrocketed lately. To put it into perspective, the median home value in 2009 was 220K. Between April 2015 and December 2018, the median home price has risen $100,000 according to Zillow. That means you may have missed the perfect time to buy a home by just a couple of years. Thankfully, Fort Collins is never short on apartments for rent, including Stone Creek!

Elevation: 5,003′

While we aren’t quite the Mile High City like Denver, we have a pretty high elevation ourselves. At just over 5,000 feet above sea level, people from lower elevations might feel a little short of breath while they adjust to the crisp mountain air.

Biking, Hiking, and Walking Trails: 280+ Miles

If you enjoy spending time outside, Fort Collins is one of the best places to do so. Our Fort Collins apartments are located by several bike trails if you prefer to bike to work rather than drive, and we are just a couple of minutes from the mountains that offer a copious amount of hiking trails. Whether you want to go for a leisurely walk or finish up a hiking trip with some rock climbing, Fort Collins has you covered.

Craft Breweries: 22+

Fort Collins is a craft brewery hub with about 22 craft breweries currently in the city (and that number is always growing!) From more well-known names like New Belgium and Odell to smaller microbreweries, there’s something for everyone in the Choice City.

Local Restaurants: 620+

Speaking of something for everyone, Fort Collins has one of the highest numbers of restaurants per capita in the country, meaning you can always find something good to eat here. From expensive steakhouses to grab-and-go sandwich shops, good food is just around the corner. Our apartments in Fort Collins are located just down the road from Campus West, a small hub of local places that offer everything from pizza and sushi to Australian and Chinese food.

Average July High Temperature: 88 degrees

While winters here can be cold (see below), the long summers more than make up for it. When June, July, and August roll around, it’s the perfect time to get out on some of those hiking trails, go kayaking in Horsetooth Reservoir, or tube down the Poudre River. This is also a great time to enjoy some of the outdoor patios at one of our 620+ local restaurants.

Average January Low Temperature: 15 degrees

The average low in Colorado in January is about 15 degrees. However, this January has shaped up to be unseasonably warm, though we are definitely still dipping below freezing. All this means is that it is the perfect time to head to the mountains and cash in on that ski pass you bought! Our Fort Collins apartments are located off of Prospect Road, meaning it’s a straight shot to I-25 so you can make your way to your favorite ski mountain.

Your Unit Number At Our Fort Collins Apartments: ?

One number that you don’t know yet is what your unit number will be when you choose to live at our apartments in Fort Collins! The only way to find that out is by getting in touch with us! You can schedule a tour to take a look at some of our available apartment units for rent or fill out our apartment application for consideration!

We look forward to being your home while you’re living in the fourth largest city in the 38th state!