The holidays are a great time to get away. Whether you’re a CSU student and will be spending your month-long break in your hometown or you are heading off on a tropical vacation in search of warm weather, if you will be leaving your Fort Collins apartment for any amount of time over the holidays, there are a few steps to take before you lock the door behind you. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips!

Clean Before You Go

While you don’t have to clean your apartment before you leave, it will make it a lot nicer to come back to later. Straighten up the couch cushions, clean and put away any dishes, and make your bed before you leave. Be sure to run the garbage disposal so you don’t come back to an apartment that smells like rotting food, and throw out anything in your fridge that will go bad before you get back. You might even want to wipe down the shower and mop and vacuum the floors before you leave.

Take Out The Trash

While tidying up is pretty optional, you really should take out your trash if you’ll be gone for more than a night or two. Otherwise you might come back to a smelly apartment!

Lock The Windows

Before you leave, make sure to lock the windows. While it is unlikely someone will break in, locked windows help to keep rain and snow outside where it belongs! It will also give you some peace of mind while you’re away knowing that your apartment is not accessible.

Leave A Light On

Again, we live in a safe area and it’s unlikely that someone would break into your Fort Collins apartments, but making it appear like someone is home is just some extra defense. Leave a light on that’s near a window, or to save some money on your electricity bill, buy an outlet adapter with a timer that will turn on a lamp for a few hours each evening.

Arrange Care For Your Pets

As a pet-friendly apartment in Fort Collins, a lot of our residents have pets that live with them. If you won’t be taking your furry friend with you, make sure to arrange for a good friend to come take care of it. You can have a friend pet-sit while you’re gone or stop by a couple times a day to feed and play with Fido. However, if you will be gone for more than a couple of days, one of the best options is to drop your pet off at a pet hotel. That way they are under the care of professionals, can socialize and play with other pets, and you don’t have to worry about them getting bored and ripping apart your couch.

Leave The Heat On

While you might think that your apartment doesn’t need to be heated while you’re away, a cold apartment can lead to frozen or broken pipes during a cold winter. Keep your thermostat set around 65-degrees to prevent your pipes from freezing and flooding your apartment while you’re away.

Have A Friend Check In

If you’ll be gone for several days (or an entire month!), it’s not a bad idea to leave a key with a trusted friend. They can stop by every few days to make sure nothing looks out of place, water your plants, and give you some peace of mind that everything is fine.

Lock The Door Behind You

Should we say it a little louder? Lock your door when you leave! (Oh, and don’t forget your keys at your parents’ house!)

Have Any Questions About Leaving For The Holidays? Just Ask!

Here at Stone Creek, we are happy to be the place you’ve chosen to call home! Feel free to get in touch with our Fort Collins apartment complex if you have any concerns about your apartment.