Fort Collins has been having a whopper of a summer already. In fact, most of America is experiencing record-breaking temperatures. Throughout the next week as of the publishing of this blog, the National Weather Service has put out a heat advisory that spans from the plains to the East Coast, affecting tens of millions of people. 

When nighttime lows aren’t much better than daytime highs, it can feel impossible to escape the heat. Thankfully we, at your Fort Collins apartments, have a few tips that might be able to help! 

How To Keep Your Fort Collins Apartment Cold

Keep Your Blinds Closed

The darker you can keep your apartment, the cooler it will be. While we don’t want you to make your apartment into a total cave, it might be worth it to keep the windows and blinds closed during the summer and get your Vitamin D at the pool or in the mountains. 

Keeping the blinds closed can significantly reduce the amount of heat allowed into your home. Just make sure that the windows are also kept closed, as an open window can make it difficult to keep the air in the apartment cool. 

Get Some Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains do a great job of blocking out not only sunlight, but also the heat. If your apartment windows have a curtain rod above them, feel free to purchase some blackout curtains and switch them out (just remember where you put the original curtains so we have them when you move out). If your windows happen to not have a curtain rod, get in touch with our front office to see what your options are for installing one! 

So, how much do blackout curtains actually help? The Department of Energy claims that thick, neutral-colored curtains with white backings can reduce heat gain by 33% during the summer!

Looking To Beat The Heat? Check Out Our Amenities!

Put The Fan On (And More Fans)

Put the ceiling fan on your apartment and make sure it is spinning in a counterclockwise direction. This will ensure the air is blowing down rather than up into the ceiling. 

It might also be worth it to purchase a few floor or table fans and put them on a rotation so they blow air all around the room. For a major cold-air hack, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan. The ice will create colder air for the fan to blow, helping to cool you down even faster. 

Keep Doors Closed

Not only should you keep the front door closed to prevent hot air from entering the apartment, but you should also keep the doors to the bedroom and bathroom closed when not in use. This will help keep the volume of space that needs to be cooled smaller, allowing the air conditioning unit to work more efficiently. You can also close off the vents in unused rooms to direct cold air elsewhere in the home. 

Cook Outside

Cooking creates a ton of heat in an apartment. While our floor plans are spacious, having the oven and stovetop on for an hour can quickly heat the place up. It is best to avoid using the oven and stove if you are trying to keep your apartment cold. You can, however, use a microwave, crockpot, or pressure cooker to make your meals which will not add much heat. 

A better option might be to leave the apartment entirely and, instead, use our outdoor barbecue pits to grill up something tasty! 

When In Doubt, Hit The Pool

Luckily, residents at our Fort Collins apartments don’t have to suffer in a warm apartment unit. While your apartment is cooling down with the tricks listed above, put on your bathing suit and head down to our saltwater pool

Stay Cool In Our Fort Collins Apartments

Our apartment complex has central cooling for the units, meaning your unit should be able to reach a comfortable temperature on its own. However, we all know that when the sun starts beating down through your window, an apartment can start to feel like an oven. 

The best way to keep your apartment cool is to be proactive. After all, it is much easier to keep an already-cool apartment cold than to cool down a hot one! Follow the steps above and let the front office staff know if you are having major heat issues. 

Make the most out of this summer and live at Stone Creek, your Fort Collins apartments!