If you have been living at home or in the dorms at CSU for some time, you might be wondering if now is the time to find your very own (or shared) apartment. Fort Collins has no shortage of apartments that cater to every age, lifestyle, and income level, and Stone Creek is one of them! 

At Stone Creek, we make it our mission to provide luxury apartments for rent that won’t break the bank. We want to provide our tenants with all of the amenities they need for a reasonable price and a great location. But that’s not the only things that are important to look for when choosing your first apartment! Below, we will go over a few of the things to consider that will help you determine if you will love where you live. 

What To Look For In Your First Apartment

Make Sure The Location Is Perfect

Location, location, location. It’s not just a phrase that is important when buying a home, but also when renting an apartment. A “great location” for you might look different than it does for someone else, but there are a few things to consider. If you work in Denver, you might prefer an apartment that is closer to I-25 for an easier commute. However, if you’re a college student, you might be looking for an apartment near CSU so you don’t have to pay for a parking pass. If you love going out to bars on the weekend, then an apartment in Old Town might be the best way to go so you can walk home. If you hate traffic, then choosing something in a less developed area of town could be favorable. If you want to know more about Stone Creek’s amazing location, check out this blog

Look For Amenities You Will Use

If you are afraid of water, then an apartment with a pool might not be a necessity. However, if you are someone who loves to splash and tan, then a pool might be essential. Consider what amenities will be important to you when choosing an apartment to rent. What are your absolute must-haves? For example, Stone Creek boasts a heated salt-water pool, on-site laundry facilities, a fitness center, a free tanning bed, picnic areas with barbecue pits, plenty of beautiful scenery, and much more

Search For The Right Floorplan

Whether you want a one or two-bedroom apartment in Fort Collins, choosing the one with the right floor plan for your needs is essential. At Stone Creek, we have three main floor plans that include a two-bedroom apartment, a one-bedroom apartment, and a one-bedroom apartment with a loft. If you have a roommate, then you will likely want a two-bedroom unit. If you work from home, then a second bedroom or a loft might be essential for use as an office space. However, if you have a dog, then choosing an apartment with a loft might not be the best idea. Whichever floor plan you choose, know that ours are designed to make the best use out of the square footage. 

Make Sure Your Unit Feels Welcoming

No one wants an apartment unit that feels cold, boring, and unwelcoming. We help avoid that by having wood-burning fireplaces in our units, breakfast bars in the kitchen where you can sit and chat with your roommate, luxury kitchens that feel like home, and even a dishwasher, which many apartments in Fort Collins do not have. While we know that you might consider an apartment a temporary living situation where you will stay for a few years, we want you to consider Stone Creek a home. Make yourself comfortable, light a fire, put on the crockpot, and feel welcome in your new home! 

Look For Pet-Friendly Apartments If Needed

Not all apartments in Fort Collins are pet-friendly, and trying to sneak a pet into an apartment is never a good idea. If you don’t currently have a pet and aren’t planning on getting one, then this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. However, if you do have a furry companion or want to adopt one soon, then finding pet-friendly apartments is a must. Thankfully, Stone Creek welcomes your dogs and cats! Just make sure to follow protocol and let our front office know if you are bringing a pet. 

Ensure They Make Rent-Paying Easy

It’s 2019. If your apartment still expects a signed check to be dropped off on the first of every month, then you might want to look at other options. Paying rent should be as easy as possible, and apartments that offer online rent payment is a good place to start. Hint: Stone Creek does offer online payment! 

What Are You Looking For In An Apartment?

When it comes to choosing your first apartment, you should really put some thought into how you’re going to feel about your living situation a year from now. While certain things might not seem important now, such as online payments, consider how it will affect you in the long-term. 

At Stone Creek, we make it our goal to have a little something for everybody at our apartments! We want you to know what you’re getting, which is why our website gives details about our floor plans, amenities, pet policy, and more. If you have any questions at all about our apartment complex, just give us a call! We would love to answer your questions, schedule a tour, and see if Stone Creek will be the perfect apartment for you!