While our apartments in Fort Collins are surrounded by plenty of green grass, big trees, and plant life, sometimes you want to bring a little greenery into your home. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or can’t seem to keep a plant alive for more than a few weeks, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular indoor plants for apartments. These plants vary in their care and needs, but in general, are easy to care for and don’t require direct sunlight.

When choosing plants to keep in your Fort Collins apartment, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. First, consider how good your track record is for taking care of plants. If you are known to have anything but a green thumb, make sure to choose a hardy, low-maintenance plant. If you love tending to your leafy friends, then you can choose plants that are a little more delicate and require more care.

Plants For Your Apartment

Chinese Evergreen

This leafy plant is one of the best for beginners as it is incredibly sturdy. The Chineses evergreen features big, dark green leaves with light silver patterns throughout, making it as beautiful as it is durable. Best of all, this plant doesn’t need direct sunlight, so it does great in apartments.

Devil’s Ivy

Also called a pothos plant, devil’s ivy is named for the fact that, like the devil himself, it’s pretty hard to kill. This plant looks wonderful hung from the ceiling or flowing over a side table. This plant thrives in low light levels, so you can even keep it in a bathroom or hallway. And while devil’s ivy is known for its air purifying effects, it is important to know that this plant is considered toxic if ingested. If you have cats, dogs, or small children in your Fort Collins apartment, it might be best to skip this one.

Cast-Iron Plant

This plant features long, pointed leaves in a beautiful dark green color. As you can tell by the name, this plant is tough. It is said to have been given the name cast-iron plant because when gas lighting was introduced into homes in the Victorian age, all other house plants died from the fumes. Like the others on this list, they thrive in lowlight environments. In fact, it’s even known as the barroom plant because it can survive in the dingy light of a bar if needed.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This pretty indoor plant is named for its fiddle-shaped leaves. One of the benefits of this plant is that it grows straight up from a single stock, making it a great option for those who don’t have a lot of floor space. This plant does require a little more sunlight than the previous ones on this list, so consider placing it by a window. However, this plant only needs to be watered when the soil is dry, so it’s a great plant for those who might be forgetful about watering their plants.



Believe it or not, cacti are thus far the hardest plant to care for on this list. This is because you run the risk of overwatering them. However, if you can figure out the proper amount of water to give your cactus and have a window that faces south and gets plenty of sunlight, you will likely have success with this low-maintenance plant!

Peace Lily

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance flowering plant for your Fort Collins apartment, try a peace lily. When given a medium amount of sunlight, these plants will produce gorgeous white flowers. While this plant can withstand not having enough water, be careful not to overwater it. Most peace lily owners wait until their plant looks a little droopy and visibly thirsty before watering it to reduce the risk of overwatering.

Add Greenery To Your Fort Collins Apartment Today

As spring has officially sprung, it is a great time to liven up your apartment with a couple of sturdy indoor plants.

Or, if on the other hand, you already have plenty of houseplants and are looking for a new home for them and yourself, consider Stone Creek Apartments! Our spacious floor plans and breakfast bars means there is plenty of space for your plants to thrive. Get in touch today to schedule a tour of our beautiful Fort Collins apartments!