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When you are living in an apartment near CSU, there are items that can make your life easier. While an apartment may not have a lot of room, you still need items to function properly.

Stone Creek Apartments are near CSU and offer a wide variety of amenities for you to choose from. We have one-bedroom and two-bedroom options, ground-level apartment and second-floor apartments, as well as an upgraded loft option for our one-bedroom apartments. Our luxury apartments feature all-electric appliances, washer/dryer hookups, central air conditioning and heat, cable, internet-ready, and fireplaces. Below, we’ll go over some apartment must-haves to make your Fort Collins apartment homey. Visit us today for a tour!



Fort Collins is an extremely bike-friendly city. Many of the city streets have bike lanes, and drivers are well-aware of the rules of sharing the road with bikes. In addition, a bike is one of the best ways to get around Fort Collins and CSU easily. There are usually bike racks near all major buildings, shopping malls, and grocery stores. Plus, a bike is environmentally-friendly and economical as you won’t have the expense of a car and the wear and tear. Your bicycle is easy to store either inside your apartment or outside on your balcony or patio area.

Surge Protectors and Power Strips

You’ll notice fairly quickly that most apartments don’t have enough outlets for all of your electronic devices. You will need a surge protector in order to protect against fires, as well as two-prong ground adapters available at hardware store or big chain stores so you can plug in your three-pronged electronics. In addition, batteries are great to have on hand as well for when the remote control battery or other batteries die.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Items

You’ll need a first aid kit, not only for the occasional scratch and cut, but also in case you have a bigger injury and need gauze, antibiotic ointments, and more. Of course, the band aid is indispensable. In addition, power still does go out, so having a flashlight and some candles around can be a lifesaver in the middle of the night (not to mention candles can be relaxing and romantic should you need to set the mood).

Broom & Dustpan

While you’ll also need a vacuum, many people and college students when they move into a luxury apartment in Fort Collins forget to bring their broom and dustpan. These are great for when you track mud in the entryway or you spill noodles all over the kitchen floor. If you have a cat and have cat litter in our pet-friendly Fort Collins apartments, you will need this as well.


Stone Creek Apartments are apartments that are close to CSU in Fort Collins. We offer many amenities, including a private dog park, guest parking, on-site fitness center with TVs, and outdoor heated saltwater swimming pool in the summer, and on-site laundry facilities. Call today to schedule a tour!