If you are a Colorado State University student, you have a lot of options when it comes to student housing in Fort Collins. You could stay on campus and live in a dorm, you can rent a house with a bunch of friends, or you can utilize an apartment complex near campus where you can afford to live on your own or with just one or two roommates.

Stone Creek Apartment Homes are located right near CSU and offer luxury living at an affordable price, making it perfect for students who want to be within walking or biking distance of campus. Our one- and two-bedroom apartments are spaciously designed, feature private porches and/or balconies, and quality finishes throughout the unit. Tenants have access to community picnic areas with barbecue pits, a heated saltwater pool, tanning bed, laundry facility, fitness center, and much more. We house a lot of CSU students, so we know what students are looking for in their housing. Our apartments near Colorado State University have everything students need to feel right at home! Keep reading to learn why it is often better to live in an apartment complex as opposed to renting a house.

Benefits Of Living In An Apartment As A Student

  • Maintenance Issues Are A Breeze: If you have ever gone from renting an apartment to renting a house, you may be surprised at how many little maintenance tasks are now your responsibility. Most home renters are in charge of shoveling their own driveway and sidewalk in the winter, mowing their lawn, changing light bulbs, fixing slow drains, and changing HVAC filters, all tasks that your apartment maintenance crew will typically take care of for you. As a student, this can take valuable time and money.
  • Pool And Gym Access Are Included In Rent: Not all apartments near CSU have pools and gyms available for tenants, but ours does. Most homes in Fort Collins do not have pools, and even if one did, you’d likely be responsible for keeping it clean as a renter. Stone Creek offers a tenant fitness center as well as a heated saltwater pool. Saltwater pools are generally desired over chlorine pools because they are more gentle on the skin and eyes while still being comparatively sanitary.
  • Fewer People Means Less Drama: In general, students who rent homes in Fort Collins will find themselves with 4 or 5 other roommates simply because there are that many rooms in the house and rent can be split between more people. However, you are unlikely to get along with all of your roommates, and that can cause some drama, especially when so many people are sharing such close quarters. Renting an apartment makes it more affordable to live with just yourself, your significant other, or your best friend so you are only sharing a living space with someone you really like and get along with.
  • Easier To Sublet And Extend Lease: As an apartment near Colorado State, you can imagine we have a lot of students living here. That means every semester we see students going home for the summer or heading off for a semester abroad. We’ve got systems in place to work with you to make subletting your apartment for a couple months at a time a breeze, whereas you might have to jump through a bunch of hoops to sublet your room in a house. Additionally, if you are renting a home, you never know when the owner will decide to put the house on the market and kick you out. As an established apartment complex, in most cases, we will give you the option to renew your lease and stay in your unit.

We Are The Apartments Near CSU You’ve Been Looking For

Whoever said college kids have to live in cruddy apartments clearly hasn’t visited Stone Creek Apartment Homes! Get a taste of luxurious living with our spacious units, beautiful landscaping, wood-burning in-unit fireplaces, and spectacular views. We’d love to be your next home-away-from-home while you’re studying at CSU and after you graduate. Our apartments are pet-friendly, and we’d love to welcome your furry friend to Stone Creek as well. Get in touch today to learn about our available apartments for rent near CSU!