After you move out of your CSU dorms, you have a lot of options for where to live. If your parents live in Fort Collins or a nearby city, you can move back home and save money on rent. You can move to the outskirts of town where rent might be a little cheaper, or you can live in an apartment complex near CSU. It should come as no surprise that we recommend the latter, but we have a lot of good reasons to back it up!

Living near CSU means you are right in the center of all the action that happens in Fort Collins as well as being close to your classes. Keep reading below to learn about just a few of the major benefits of calling Stone Creek, your apartments near CSU, home.

Close Proximity To Everything Else

Some universities are located in the middle of nowhere. That certainly is not the case with CSU. Not only is CSU located in the middle of a town, but it is also located in the middle of one of the best towns in the country. Fort Collins is a college town through and through, which means if you live by campus, you also live by restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, retail shopping, bars, fast food, and everything else you could need.

Choosing to live in apartments near CSU also means choosing to live near all of the amazing shopping and dining that Fort Collins has to offer.

Get To Class However You Want

One of the best reasons to live near campus is the ability to get to campus however you want to. You can walk, take the bus which is free with your student ID, bike or skateboard, or drive. The further away you live from campus, the fewer options you have for getting to and from class, football games, and other campus activities.

If you’re walking home from a late night class or study session, don’t forget about CSU’s SafeWalk program! Many people will drive to campus to avoid having to walk home in the dark by themselves, but the CSU Police Department offers a free program where an escort will walk you to any location within a three block radius of campus, which happens to include Stone Creek Apartment Homes!

No Paying For Parking

Speaking of having the option to walk, drive, bus, or bike to campus comes the benefit of not having to pay for parking. If you happen to wake up late and need to drive to class, you have the option of using any of CSU’s pay-to-park lots. However, most college students will rejoice in not being forced to buy a CSU parking pass. If you live far away from campus, driving might be the most logical way to get to class every day, but that will certainly hurt your wallet after some time. Living just a few minutes’ walk from campus gives you the choice to choose free transportation options.

You Don’t Have To Be A Student To Live Here

Some people move into our apartment homes thinking they’ll stay there for a semester or two and then move on. Others, though, absolutely dread the hassle of having to pack up everything they own and move and intend on staying in one place for as long as possible. By choosing an apartment complex near CSU, your needs will be met for long after you’re done being a student. We have a lot of students who live in our apartments for rent, but we also have a lot of families, couples, and young professionals living at Stone Creek, too.

Plus, after you graduate, you can easily make it back to campus for sports games, alumni events, and more.

Live Near CSU With Stone Creek Apartment Homes

We want you to enjoy your time as a CSU student and long after, and we’re happy to be part of that! Living near campus makes life so much easier and we would recommend CSU students choose student housing options near campus for as long as they can.

If you’re interested in living in our luxury apartments in Fort Collins, then get in touch and schedule a tour our one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment units for rent! If you have any questions about living at Stone Creek, we’d be happy to answer them for you.