At Stone Creek Apartment Homes, we are thrilled to be located just a few minutes’ walk from Colorado State University. While not exclusively student apartments, we do have a ton of college kids who have decided to call us ‘home’ while studying at CSU. With the fall semester starting in just a few days, we thought we could offer up some advice on getting ready for the next semester. Whether it is your first year living away from the dorms or you’ve been at CSU for years, it is always helpful to get a quick refresher in having a successful semester that will get you that much closer to graduating. Keep reading for some tips, and if you haven’t figured out your living situation yet for the new semester, make sure to check out our apartments near CSU and inquire about open units

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Make A Study Space

Having a quiet place to study and do homework is vital for any college student. If you are someone who loves to hang out in the Morgan Library to get work done, then you already have this part covered! If you’re like many, you prefer to spend as much time at home as possible, then you can create a good study space right in your bedroom. 

First, give your room a good, thorough cleaning and decluttering. Studying in a messy environment can be distracting. One everything has been cleaned, make sure to clear out a corner for a small desk and desk chair. IKEA is a great source for no-fuss, affordable desks and you can order online so you don’t have to make the journey down to Denver. Add a desk lamp for better vision, make sure you’re near an outlet so you can plug in your laptop, and make sure you have plenty of pens, papers, notecards, and any other school supplies you might need. 

Know How You Will Get To Class

CSU parking passes keep getting more expensive and because you live in apartments near CSU you will likely walk, ride your bike, or use public transportation to get to class. We would suggest choosing a few different methods and trying them out, timing how long they will take you. When it comes to public transportation, the bus will likely be your best option if you are leaving from our Fort Collins apartments. However, if you work near a MAX stop, you can also take this to a stop right near CSU! Take the bus on a weekday to make sure you know which one you need to take and what time you need to leave to get to class on time. Whether you’re taking the bus or walking, make sure to actually go to the building you will need to start your day in. After all, getting to a building on the Oval is going to probably require a different route than getting to a building on Lake Street.

Check In With Your Academic Advisor

It’s never a bad idea to visit your academic advisor just to make sure everything is on track. We hate to say it, but sometimes a student can slip through the cracks and you don’t realize that you never signed up for a required class until it’s too late and you find yourself graduating later than anticipated. As soon as you can, get in touch with your advisor to discuss what classes you are taking, what else you will still need to take to graduate in your major, and double-check that you aren’t missing anything. This is also a great time to discuss easy ways to graduate early (resulting in one semester less of student loans!) or discuss adding a second major or a minor to your degree. 

Love Your Living Space

There’s a lot to love about our apartments near CSU! From the fitness center and a saltwater pool to the spacious floor plans, private balconies, and other amenities, there are so many reasons that students love living at Stone Creek. One of the best ways to spend the days leading up to the new semester is to give your student apartment an update! Rearrange furniture, get a new fall-ready bedspread, declutter the kitchen, put posters on the walls, and do other things to make the apartment feel like your own! If you have any questions about what type of changes or updates are or are not allowed, just stop by our front office to ask

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Are you ready for this upcoming school semester? We hope that, at the very least, you have your living situation figured out! If not, then our apartments near CSU might be the perfect option if you are looking for something within walking distance of campus that has plenty of amenities. Reach out today to inquire about open units